Sex Toys For Couples Even If He Has Erectile Dysfunction

I’m Susan Bratton and today we’re talking about healthy sex toys for couples.

I am joined by my lovely guests, Amy Baldwin, sex educator, and co-host of the “Shameless Sex” Podcast, and April Lampert, VP of Hot Octopus and co-host of the “Shameless Sex” podcast. I learned from them about a brand called Hot Octopus. Many of my fans and followers have erectile function issues. They feel like they’re missing out on intimacy with their partner because they can’t get or maintain an erection. These sex toys for couples can close the gap in special ways.


I learned about a brand called Hot Octopus. Generally, I don’t talk about a lot of branded products. I just speak about passionate lovemaking techniques. But these products are so innovative that I wanted to share them with you. Many of my fans have erectile function issues. They feel they’re missing out on intimacy with their partner because they can’t get or maintain an erection. So, a lot of possibility of intimacy goes by without them taking advantage of it. These sex toys for couples can close the gap in extraordinary ways.


First, let me talk to you about the Pulse Duo because this sex toy for couples can change people’s lives. We get testimonials from folks all over the world saying, “Before that product came out, I could not have an orgasm with my partner. My husband had a prostatectomy and was unable to achieve an erection. So Hot Octopus took the help of doctors from Denmark who designed oscillating pulse plates because penises involuntarily ejaculate with oscillation.

I’m excited about it because it helps people have better sex. This is a sex toy for couples. Let’s say you have a vulva-owning woman, and you are a penis-owning friend or husband.


You can use the missionary style. Let’s say my husband’s on top. I’m grinding on this portion of the Duo, which has a vibrator. I can feel the intensity stimulating my clitoris as I grind in missionary style. He feels this oscillation. So, his penis either responds with an erection, or he’ll feel the pleasurable goodness of oscillation. There’s also a remote control, so you don’t have to fidget with the buttons if you’re in the middle of playtime. 

Select the button, and it’ll go through the cycles. You can also use it during cowgirl style, which means you’re on top. The bottom of his penis will hit that oscillation pad. When you’re using this in cowgirl style, and the body is at rest, it’ll hold the device in place, so you get that grinding and pressure. 

It’s an instant orgasm for both parties because both are stimulated with vibration and oscillation. This is one of my favorite products for couples because when we think of most couples’ toys, we think of cock-rings. But this one is unique because it has a medical, beneficial purpose and is quite cute. It’s the perfect solution for folks that have ED.


What I like is this little oscillating pad. I love the term Guybrator that you coined and trademarked. 

You can lay your flaccid penis in here and put your frenulum, which is the most sensitive part of your penis, on the little oscillating pad. As it vibrates, whether you’re erect or not, it doesn’t matter. You can still bring yourself to orgasm from that pad. I love the ability to turn and flip it the other way and ride. 

I enjoy being face-to-face with my partner, having my breasts massaged, and making out. Wet, sloppy, grinding, kisses are turn-ons. I generally don’t wear any make-up when I make love because I want to completely let go and not worry if there’s lube in my hair. It holds me back from full surrender if I have to worry about that. I love to get all wet and grinding.


This is the first solution that I’ve ever seen for couples who like missionary and cowgirl and who have erectile dysfunction. They can both get off without a hard-on. I’ve also used it on my partner with some lube and stroked him. Because it has this ability to grow with the penis, I’ll apply pressure with my hands. I’ll give him a blowjob in between, cup his balls, and use this as a stroker. 

The oscillation feels so good. He gets erect while feeling the pleasure of the oscillation. It’s fun for me because I helped with the process. It’s incredibly innovative and a breakthrough product with breakthrough technology.


Do you want to talk about the Atom Plus? My man doesn’t have issues with erectile dysfunction because he’s got a bomber boner. This one wasn’t as necessary for us to use flaccid. It’s hard for him even not to have a hard-on. I helped design this one because I thought we needed a grinding product worn on a penis. I am a toy whore, for lack of a better word, and love products that vibrate. They help me come faster, stronger, and longer. 

This product is packed full of intensity. When it’s on the penis, the whole penis not only vibrates but because it’s wrapped around, it hits the taint, as we called it, the perineum. You not only get perineum stimulation but the whole package because the balls and the shaft are inside. The blood flow will be restricted to these areas, which will help the penis owner maintain that erection. I, usually being on top, will grind. This section has a little nub. It puts pressure on the clitoris as well.


You’re getting a vibrating package, and your clitoris is being stimulated. In general, it’s an instant orgasm when I’m on top. I highly recommend it. I like that you can stretch this product. You have to start flaccid so you can get both your penis and testicles inside. You will pull your testicles and penis through and must get an erection; else, you won’t get this on. When you put it on, we recommend starting sideways. The textured portion faces away from the body. Once you get your balls and shaft in, you shift it. It will squeeze and put pressure on your taint. They call the taint “gooch” in Brooklyn. It holds and restricts better when you turn it.

I also like this product because when it is vibrating your perineum, you’re stimulating the buried shaft of the penis. What sticks out is only about 50% of your penis. You have another 50% of the penile shaft inside you. This allows you to get vibrations up that shaft. Every time you do that, you get more blood into your entire penis. Your penis will get hard depending on your anatomy, and it will curve up even harder. You’ll get a more prolonged erection because you’re stimulating that buried shaft. Most cock rings are just for women. But this guybrator I’ve seen is the first I’ve seen for a guy. 


Another thing is that this super high-quality product is made of silicone. Every other product I’ve seen has two junky little bullets with crappy batteries. This one has a deep rumbling vibe for the man and woman. The rumbling vibes have big heavy motors while the buzzy ones are lighter. Most women would pick the rumble over the buzz.

The size of the motor is designed to accommodate the entire vulva. Other externals stimulators intended for clitoral stimulation are either pointed or specific. This is designed to cover a lot of space. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are. All vulvas are different, like fingerprints. 

This product will do the trick for almost every single one of you. You will get the tip of the clitoris, shaft, and the clitoral arms and legs. You will get more engorgement in your whole clitoral tissue, which will give you more resounding, more intense, and frequent orgasms. It’s an enjoyable couple’s product. This is the number one couple’s toy in my universe. 


I love hands-free vibrating sex toys for couples, which allow us to touch and play and not have to worry about holding anything in place. He can wear it; they can play, and everyone feels beautiful vibrations. If you’re 7, 8, or 9 inches, have a giant penis, it’s a tight squeeze. This is for guys who are 6 inches and below. If you’re more than five and a half inches in circumference, you won’t be able to fit.

The average is 5. Half of the guys in the universe are below five and a half to six inches. There’s nothing wrong with below average. Many women have below-average size vulvas. I don’t like that way of saying it because it makes it sound like you’re not enough. You’re perfect. Your penis matches all those women with tight little vaginas. They don’t want you any bigger. This tool could work very well for you. Here’s to the below-average penises of the world. I am a big advocate of them. 

I have a friend with a two-handed penis. He showed me a picture so I can verify it. This product worked for him. He made sure he had zero erection and took his time putting it on. But this is for average to below-average, which is fantastic and may work for you. 

I will love it if you post comments or questions about sex toys for couples or anything else we’ve discussed. You can find links to everything below this video. Follow April and Amy on the Shameless Sex podcast. I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex advisor. Please subscribe to my site and comment below. We love all your questions. We’ll see you on the other side.

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  1. How much for these items. Being on disability and below poverty income I find most ed help too expensive to be able to buy. What about us poor guys with ed, what do we do. Sure generic viagraa is cheap, but it doesntwork for me. Medicare won’t cover these things, what am I supposed to do? Pointless anyways as no normal woman will fuck a poor overweight guy

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      There are many price points for sexual pleasure tools. Shop around. I’m sure you’ll find something in your budget.
      As well, try and work on your weight for your own good health. And try and bring a loving heart to the world, instead of self-pity. You attract more flies with honey…

    1. Hi Mike,
      Do more for men? Most people complain that I need to do more for women! I’m not sure what you mean. But I’m always open to prompts.