Best Sex Toys For Couples

I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex advisor to millions, and I’m with Kristy Stahlberg at the Fun Factory in Bremen, Germany. I came to Europe to learn about high-quality sex toys, and in this episode, we’re going to talk about the best sex toys for couples.

I said to Kristy, “Pick out all of the best couples’ toys. If you were to create the ultimate Fun Factory Pleasure Chest, what would you put in it?” And she’s going to tell us. We’re going to start small and work our way up. 


We’ll start with Smart Balls. It is essential to have a well-trained pelvic floor so that you have muscles that can work with you while you have great sex. The better your Kegel muscles are trained, the better sex you can have. I like these because they increase your orgasmic intensity. Nobody ever said no to that. The more that you squeeze and open your vaginal muscles and pelvic bowl, the more you can train your muscles to have that gentle deep, full-body, contraction, to fabulous orgasm. If you want to become multi-orgasmic with incredible orgasms, if you want to have orgasms from penetration, these Kegel balls are a good idea. You only need to wear them 3-5 times a week for 15 minutes. That will help a lot.


The next thing I brought is the Leia Tube. It is a versatile product, a versatile vibrator, because you can use it to stimulate external hotspots like your clit, testicles, and nipples. You can use it during foreplay and intercourse. It helps couples to orgasm together. One of the things about the Leia that I thought was interesting was that it doesn’t look like a giant penis. It is not intimidating to many people if they want to try something smaller like a handheld vibrator. I also like that it is very easy to slip on to the clitoral area during intercourse to get clitoral stimulation while you’re getting penetrative orgasms. 

The Leia Tube vibrates all your erectile tissue in your vulva. When you cup this on your vulva, you not only get clitoral stimulation, you also get stimulation in the legs of your vulva and inner and outer labia. The more you send vibrating energy into your tissue, you more you get engorged. Engorged mean filled with blood. ‘

As women, we have as much erectile tissue in our vulva as men in their penises. You want to get all that tissue erect so that you can have the best orgasms possible. The Leia is one of those perfect stimulation tools for increasing the overall engorgement of the vulva. I know I sound like a sex nerd right now saying ‘vulvar engorgement,’ but those are the words that work. Leia is an excellent toy and a beautiful product. It feels great. 


The Volta might be my favorite toy from your collection. It stimulates the petals of the clit. If you turn it on to the ‘really slow’ mode, you can see how the tips flutter. This helps intensify light penetration. Some women require heavy, hard clitoral stimulation. Generally, people are on a spectrum of what feels good to them—some people like it harder, while others, softer. The more you stimulate your clitoral structure lightly, the more sensitive you become to the point where you can touch your clitoris with the lightest strokes, and it will feel meltingly incredibly good. 

The Volta teaches your clitoris to want a very light touch. That makes oral sex more pleasurable because the tip of the tongue is such a delicate instrument: being able to have your tongue lightly stroking your clitoris, enjoying that feeling, can be supported by pleasuring yourself with this very light touch. 

I like the handle of the Volta because it’s great for partner play. The products from Fun Factory are perfect for partner play because your partner can penetrate you. When your hands are full of lube, you need a good grip. 


The buttons are easy to use. I mostly get confounded. I must be as dumb as hell because half the time when I get vibrators, I’m like, “How do I turn it on? How do I turn it off? I can’t remember a thing,” and I give up on it because it’s so difficult. 

These raised buttons are so simple. What I like is that you make them the same on all your products. You can be out of your mind with pleasure, and still be able to turn it up and down. 

The last thing I like about this product is that as a woman, if I’m making love with my partner, I can slip this thing on the side between us. Let’s just say we’re in missionary style. My partner is on top of me, and we’re making love. I can get the Volta in there and on my clitoral shaft and glans. It sneaks down inside, and it doesn’t take up any space. 

Both Leia and Volta are beautiful because they are low profile. They are not giant sex toys that get in the way. You can get close together, get these sex toys in there, and get clitoral stimulation during intercourse. 

I have never stuck this in my vagina yet because I just got mine. You won’t have the tips fluttering that much because it will hold them tighter. It is like a vibrator inside you. 

I have to say that I recommend that one use the Volta externally. If you want something you can use internally, you need something that fills you more up.


Where do we go from here? To something for the penis. The Manta turns the penis into a vibrator. A vibrating penis is great for couples’ play for stimulation, isn’t it? The Manta is a penis masturbator. It’ll work better with lube.

Doggystyle is a perfect way to use the Manta. It transfers the vibration into the penis. From the Manta to the man. I like this because it’s nice when a woman gives a man pleasure in the monogamous couples’ situation, which is my primary fanbase. Men and women married for a long time who are trying to spice up their relationship. Men don’t get to receive enough. They want to be givers, and it’s nice when you can pleasure your partner, and you don’t tire your hand. One more thing is that you can have the Manta on the shaft of your penis and receive a blowjob. 

Plus, what’s cool is that it holds the penis up for you. It’s almost hands-free, especially if your man can hold it. Many times when I’m going down on my partner, I like him to hold his penis so that I can use my hands and do all those things.

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