How A Guy Can Lose Fat Fast Using New Technology

Read about how a guy can lose fat in Dr. Judson’s new book, The 21st Century Man.

Susan: You have 60 contributors, and the book reads incredibly smoothly for 60 writing styles. I know there wasn’t much editing on my work when I contributed my chapter. I imagine a person had to edit everything lightly, but it hangs together.

There is a question regarding getting these excellent experts to give you their domain-level wisdom in a Cliff notes version, saying, “Here is what you need to know about this particular issue.”

There were a couple of experts who you asked and weren’t sure they’d say yes because they’re probably famous, busy, or important. When you got them, and they said, “Yes, I’ll write the chapter on my area of expertise,” you were “YES!” Who were those experts? Highlight them all!

Dr. Judson: Your chapter was so well written! Most of them have so many years of schooling and wrote fantastic chapters! Thank you so much! But I’ve been up until 2 o’clock every night for the past two years, giving the book a consistent voice. Every word in this book is counted. 

I got Brian Kinney, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and the guy who did the basic science research behind M-Sculpt. 


Susan: What’s M-Sculpt? 

Dr. Judson: M-Sculpt is using high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves to improve muscle-building. It’s like muscle contraction done for you by a machine,12000 reps in a session. It’s about 10 or 15 workouts wrapped up in one. I have this whole series for men now where I can build 5 to 10 pounds of muscle and take off 10 to 20 pounds of fat in 3 to 4 months using a protocol in the book called the Brandeis MD Male Rejuvenation Protocol. Learn all about how a guy can lose fat. Brian Kinney was also excellent.

Susan: Charles Reynolds wrote a chapter on PRP, p shots, o shots, and vampire facelift. 

Dr. Judson: Peter Vash wrote his chapter on weight loss. Peter Vash is a Robert Wood Johnson scholar and a faculty at UCLA. He was president of the American Obesity Society. 

Gary Donovitz is chairman of BIOT. He’s the top guy on hormones in the country. How much better can you do than that? Ethan Bass is the chairman of oncology. He used to be a big wig at Sloan Kettering. His chapter on cancer was terrific. Joel Khan’s chapter on cardiology was excellent.

I’ve tapped into my entire network of friends and colleagues, and I found fun people who tell stories. They know how to connect with patients because that’s what they do every day. 

Every chapter in this book is written by a professional in their particular domain. This is the one book that men need after the age of 35. It’s a book on prevention, early intervention, and how to find a good doctor and make the most of your doctor visit. 


You’re a team with the doctor. You guys are in a partnership—Cerner’s study, the big electronic medical record company, on 100 million patients. Guess what? You have 16 minutes and 14 seconds with your doctor. They looked at a hundred million charts. That’s how much time you have. So, if you don’t know what you’re talking about or talk about your dog or the weather, you will leave without the information you need. Read the book. It tells you exactly what you need to do to get the most out of your doctor visits so that you and your doctor can be partners. 

It also tells you how your spouse can help you, and there’s a fantastic chapter on health insurance. I have a patient who was the number two guy at Anthem Blue Cross in the country. He’s been in health care for 40 years. He said it’s the single best chapter on health insurance he’s ever read. He said he even learned something.

If you’re choosing health insurance for your family or company or using health insurance, you need to understand a PPO, EPO, HMO, or deductible. We explain these terms in excruciating detail. 

Jim Corcos is an executive at Blue Cross Blue Shield, and he’s the guy who wrote the chapter with me and two students from UCLA Berkeley School of Public Health.

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