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Susan: Of course, inquiring minds want to know about the sexual health parts. Tell me who the other experts are, besides Susan Bratton, and what’s in here that a guy won’t find out there.


Dr. Judson: First, the sex chapters are like the trojan horses. Guys say, “I’m going to get the 21st Century Man for the chapter on cardiology, diabetes, or lung disease.” 

Then they’ll flip to the sex chapters, and I’m sure to your chapter first. After they read your fantastic chapter, they’ll go to sex on the beach.

Susan: It’s about how to seduce a woman, how a woman’s operating system works, how it’s different from yours, and what you need to know in simple dude-terms to understand her so you can give her what she needs.

Dr. Judson: After that fantastic introduction, sex on the beach is what happens when things go right. I explained the physiology of getting an erection.

The next chapter is sexual dysfunction explained, which is what happens when you’re not 20 anymore. You’re 50. You have three kids, have to travel for work, your parents and in-laws are sick, your mortgage is due, all the problems in the world hit you, you’re 30 pounds overweight and haven’t been to the gym. We all find ourselves in that situation at one time or another.

Guess what? The erectile function starts declining, and the chapters talk about premature and delayed orgasm. It talks about my comprehensive, holistic approach to erectile function. I see men’s health through the lens of erectile dysfunction because sleep, thyroid, and cardiovascular health affects erectile dysfunction.

You have to treat the patient to get them to the point where things are working.

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