Getting Your Libido Back After Prostate Removal

Getting Your Libido Back After A Prostate Removal

Here’s another gentleman who’s 79. He’s enjoyed a wonderful sex life with a loving and caring wife. Twelve years ago, he had his prostate, penal nerve, and vas deferens removed because doctors thought they might be cancerous. 

Following that, he had ED, and he used injections to overcome them. His libido was always excellent, but six months ago, it fell away along with his penile sensitivity. He’s tried penis pills, testosterone, and various sex tools. The last of which was the Hot Octopus Solo, but there was no difference. Porn didn’t help either. He says should I accept it and retire and age gracefully.

I’m like, “No way!” This is not the time to age gracefully. 

So, what do you do when you’re losing sensitivity and libido? Just jack it up. With testosterone, you can get to the point at which your libido will improve. If you can get your testosterone over 1200, you will climb trees. There’s no question about that. That was one of the best answers I got from the whole thing.

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