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O-Shot Vaginal Rejuvenation

O-Shot Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure Explained

Want more feeling in your clit? Find out if the O-shot is for you! Susan Bratton talks with Dr. Robyn Benson about sexual rejuvenation for women. Age-reversal for your vulva! In this video you’ll learn: What is an O-shot? (:50) Why you might want to have an O-shot. (1:14) Four ways the O-shot can improve […]
G-Spot Abundance

G-Spot Abundance: Orgasms

HOW TO GIVE A SACRED SPOT MASSAGE:​ HOW TO GIVE A WOMAN A CLITORAL ERECTION:​ When a woman becomes a squirting goddess —a G-spot goddess —she becomes calm and connected to herself. She finds herself more grounded, more confident, in not just her sexuality but in her abilities as a human being. And […]

The O-Shot Procedure With Susan Bratton

We have a very specific way that it's done and most of my patients tell me it hurts less than getting Botox; there’s zero pain. Here's how it happens. You go to your physician or nurse practitioner, and first of all, it should be more than just a shot.
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VFit At Home Vaginal Restoration Device

See how VFit works to reverse incontinence, plump up vaginal tissues, improve lubrication and even fix vaginal odor with this FDA approved at home vaginal restoration medical device. <= Gift With Purchase Watch these innovative solutions to issues including: Husband’s low libido I’m never in the mood. Sex is boring Body-confidence issues Moody! My […]
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Sexual Rejuvenation Make Over

I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Wellness Expert. I’m with Dr. Robyn Benson here together at the Santa Fe, Soul Wellness Centre. I have just had the most amazing experience. My husband Tim and I have been here for the last three days having every different kind of regenerative treatment that Robyn offers at her center. She’s […]