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Best Hormone Tests

As my gift, I’m giving you one of my most popular free downloads. It’s my book called “How To Be Instantly Hotter And Sexier In Bed.” Both men and women can improve their quality of life by keeping their hormones balanced throughout their lives. We all need a combination of Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, DHEA and […]

Biohacking the Aging Penis

I give a lecture called ‘Biohacking the Aging Penis’ A biohack is is something that you can do to short-circuit your system. For example, Viagra is one of the greatest biohacks ever invented. It takes someone who is sexually 60-years-old and makes them sexually 40-years-old.
Birth Control Pills and Irregular Periods

Birth Control Pill and Irregular Periods

Has “the pill” mucked up your moon cycle? “Wait. I was told the pill would make me regular. I didn’t know that meant my ovaries would shut down!” The Queens of Self Care are back! Dr. Jolene Brighten and don our crowns to help you understand why taking the Birth Control Pill makes irregular periods […]
Healing Sexuality -05

Causes of Sexual Abuse, Sexual Trauma and Sexual Shame

Almost everybody has some kind of sexual trauma because of their cultural beliefs about sex. It’s not only rape or abuse but also a cascade of problems like inter-generational family issues. We’re expanding our traditional beliefs of sexual trauma. We are all touched by sexuality trauma which stems from intergenerational and religious beliefs, the way […]

Clitoris Anatomy

See how the 3D clitoris goes inside her body. There’s so much more to a woman’s clitoris than meets the eye… that little button you see is just the beginning. This video is a MUST WATCH! Especially worthy of the few minutes you’ll spend watching this episode is Dr. Jessica Drummond’s visual aid: a 3D […]