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I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser to millions, and in today’s video, I’m with Kristy Stahlberg of Fun Factory, and we talk about some of their BIG sex toys for women and couples.


The Big Boss black line is something that penetrates, stimulates, and is big and tight. The male partner could stimulate the female partner, or you can use it as an extra. If you want to switch from your partner to the toy during intercourse, it could be fun. 

Women are pleased with an average-to-smaller size penis because they are average to a smaller size. However, they want to experience feeling very filled up. Remember, it can go in as far as you want it to go in, but you have something that large, more filling, and girthy. 

I recently read this article that the vaginal skin around the opening to the vagina, the introitus sphincter for you sex nerds, has cells called mechanoreceptors. They respond to stretching. Women say that they like girth even more than length because they want the feeling of stretching that sphincter. 


The feeling of a penis penetrating a vagina is satisfying to women. So, even if just a bit goes in, the circumference of this particular product is suitable. Though I like how you color your sex toys in bright, approachable, colors, I also like them darker, dirtier, and naughtier when they’re not pink. I want a big black dildo that vibrates. I think this is a beautiful product. 

If a guy says I want to get my wife an internal-external vibrator that would blow her mind, I recommend this. Of all of the things that we talked about, this is probably the number one thing that I would suggest that a guy get his wife as a present because it is bendable. 

If you insert only the first part and you bend it, you could stimulate externally your clit or vulva. So, you have the vibration all over the product. The vibrators on these products are just incredible. We are at the Mecca of German engineering for vibrators. You don’t want to buy Chinese stuff. You want to buy the highest quality and make an investment in something outstanding. 


ShareVibe is an excellent product for pegging. It is a double dildo, and you would wear it if you have a vagina. The little motor inside is so strong that both the giver and receiver have penetrations through movement and vibration. All Fun Factory products transfer the vibe beautifully and evenly. Pegging is something that not every couple has to try, but couples should try new things from time to time, and pegging is one of them. Many men tell me that once they try anal stimulation, they love the prostate massage and the P-spot orgasm. It increases the male orgasmic intensity, and what’s fun is that your vagina is holding this tight. 


You can put this big sex toy inside you, and you’re in control. Slide the tip into your partner’s rectum using a lot of lube, which is essential. When you push it in, it’s already vibrating. The tip is so lovely that even just getting it near his anus pleases him. You don’t want to go crazy with this stuff to start. You want to take your time, let him relax, and get used to the feeling. Feel the vibration on his anus. Incredible pleasure cells circle the anus, so it is very enervated. There’s a lot of blood flow and erectile tissue there, which can get more engorged for him. 

We have more fun videos planned for you. We’re going to go into the factory and do a production room tour and see how Fun Factory makes its products. So, don’t miss all our videos because we have some incredible ones in this series.

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