Exosome Delivery and DNA Repair with Dr. Jeffrey D. Gross and Susan Bratton

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This is the third video of my series of interviews with Dr. Jeffrey D. Gross, who has dedicated his life to exploring the potential of exosome delivery and regenerative medicine. Today, we will dive deep into exosomes and their ability to repair damaged DNA.

As we all know, exosomes are small vesicles that are released by our cells. These tiny messengers carry essential growth factors and proteins that can stimulate tissue repair and regeneration. 

Dr. Gross has been studying these powerful little packages for years, and he’s here to share his insights on how we can use exosome delivery to target specific cells and promote DNA repair.

He also discusses the potential benefits of exosome delivery in various conditions, including neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune disorders, and even aging. 


Imagine a future where we can use exosome delivery to rejuvenate our body’s cells, helping us live longer and healthier lives. It would be as accessible as visiting a dentist. 

This is why Dr. Gross’s work is so critical and why we must continue to support research in this field.

As an intimacy and wellness expert to millions, and a lover of scientific breakthroughs in overall health and sexual vitality, I understand the importance of caring for our bodies and minds. 

Exosome delivery is an exciting development that offers new hope for those suffering from various conditions. Let’s embrace this technology and approach it cautiously and carefully. 

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