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Longevity Ingredients In Men’s Seminal Fluid

Join hosts Susan Bratton and Dave Asprey as they delve into the fascinating world of semen’s multifaceted benefits. Discover how semen contributes to overall well-being, intimacy, and vitality. Explore the science and practical insights in this eye-opening discussion. Links: Pumping Guide PumpsWork DEEP: The Ultimate Penis Extender STIMULATE: Red Light Therapy Wrap FirmTech Tech […]

Discover How to Look Ten Years Younger

Join Susan Bratton and Dave Asprey in this transformative journey to uncover proven strategies for a youthful appearance and vibrant life. Learn groundbreaking tips to turn back the clock and embrace a future of renewed vitality and confidence. Free download: Sex Life Master Plan

Gender Fluidity

Join hosts Susan Bratton and Dave Asprey in an enlightening video discussion about gender fluidity. Explore the beauty of non-binary identities, understanding diverse experiences, and fostering inclusivity. Gain insights into navigating a world where gender is fluid and individual expression knows no bounds. Links: Pumping Guide PumpsWork Buy Flow Now DEEP: The Ultimate Penis Extender […]

Discover the Benefits of Red Rush Light Therapy

In this video, we will explore the many benefits of Red Rush light therapy and how it can positively impact your health. First, we will explain what Red Rush light therapy is and how it works. This therapy involves exposing the body to red and near-infrared light, which penetrates the skin and reaches deep into […]

Understanding the 3 Levels of Regenerative Medicine: A Conversation with Dr. Jeffrey D. Gross and Susan Bratton

In this insightful video, Susan Bratton, a renowned intimacy expert and author, sits down with Dr. Jeffrey D. Gross, a leading expert in regenerative medicine, to discuss the three levels of regenerative medicine. Dr. Gross explains in detail the different levels of regenerative medicine, including the use of growth factors, stem cells, and tissue engineering, […]