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Understanding the 3 Levels of Regenerative Medicine: A Conversation with Dr. Jeffrey D. Gross and Susan Bratton

In this insightful video, Susan Bratton, a renowned intimacy expert and author, sits down with Dr. Jeffrey D. Gross, a leading expert in regenerative medicine, to discuss the three levels of regenerative medicine. Dr. Gross explains in detail the different levels of regenerative medicine, including the use of growth factors, stem cells, and tissue engineering, […]

Pre-Procedure Explainer Repairing Torn ACL’s with Exosomes

Join host Susan Bratton and Dr. Jeffrey Gross to discuss the latest advancements in repairing torn ACLs with exosome injections. Learn about the benefits of this cutting-edge therapy and how it can help patients recover faster and with fewer complications. This pre-procedure explainer will give you a comprehensive understanding of the process and what to […]