How Women Should Act

How should women act?

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What were you taught about how a woman should act? Well, women should be friendly and polite. You shouldn’t be frigid, but you can’t be a s*ut. To be very agreeable to have manners and respect.

We should wear lipstick. They shouldn’t have too many opinions. Acting a certain way. You have to be a good girl. Be dignified. Don’t talk about feelings and how you feel about sex. Girls don’t do that, so we shouldn’t. We should always have nice lingerie on. There’s a lot of expectation that not only your family and society tell you how to be, but also this pressure to do it all.

I should act and look a certain way. Be easy to get along with. They shouldn’t be too sexual unless it’s for a man’s pleasure.

How do you think a woman should act?

I think she should act however she wants, how ever she feels, in whatever way she wants. However, she very well d*mn pleases!

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