Orgasms Are A Learned Skill

Orgasm is a learned skill. You get better at orgasming your whole life, no matter whether you’re a man or a woman. Many beautiful practices train your body as a sport, yoga, or weightlifting would. These practices are like memorization or any activity in which practice makes perfect. Orgasm, sensation, feeling, connection, presence, stimulation—understand your […]

How To Turn Her Back On

Many women shut sex after menopause because they have a limiting belief where they think they must not have sex anymore. One of my programs I wrote for men was Revive Her Drive because men can help turn women back on.

Sexual Transformation

[Brianna] I’m Brianna Wunderlin and I want to welcome you to Spark Your Divine Feminine Power Through Pleasure where we bring together some of the world’s teachers to fire up our divine power, pleasure, and feminine energy. This creational energy power is the world and we want you to find its power within and use […]