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Stem Cell Genital Rejuvenation With ReCELLebrate

Join host Susan Bratton and Dr. Jeffrey Gross as they explore the innovative world of stem cell genital rejuvenation with ReCELLebrate. In this enlightening video, Dr. Gross explains the science behind stem cell therapy and how it can revitalize and restore genital health. Discover the benefits, the procedure, and real-life success stories that highlight the […]

Stem Cells vs PRP

Stem cells are fundamental biological units that create and renew tissues throughout life. Exosomes are tiny particles produced by cells, including stem cells, that act as messengers. They deliver signals to other cells, instructing them to reduce inflammation, promote healing, or perform other vital functions. This natural cell signaling system can be utilized in medical […]

Most Interesting

In this conversation, Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert, discusses her experiences with stem cell and exosome treatments with Dr. Jeff Gross, a regenerative medicine specialist. Dr. Jeff notes that the most significant change he’s observed in Susan throughout her treatments is a “resurgence in youthful biology,” particularly evident in improvements to her hair, skin, nails, […]

Love Most About

This excerpt features a conversation between Dr. Jeff Gross, a regenerative therapies specialist at ReCelebrate in Henderson, Nevada, and his patient Susan Bratton. When asked about his favorite aspect of regenerative therapies, Dr. Gross expresses his enthusiasm for treating osteoarthritis and degenerated joints. He highlights the quick and effective results achieved through regenerative biologics, which […]

Stem Cells vs Exosomes

This conversation between Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert, and Dr. Jeffrey Gross, a regenerative doctor, focuses on explaining the difference between stem cells and exosomes. Dr. Gross describes stem cells as the biological elements that create and renew our tissues throughout life. He then explains that exosomes are small particles produced by cells, particularly stem […]

Why Move To Regenerative Therapies

Dr. Jeffrey Gross, formerly a brain and spine surgeon, transitioned to regenerative therapies in response to patient demand and a desire to fill a treatment gap. He recognized that many patients were not ready for surgery but needed options beyond conventional treatments like medications and injections. Prompted by repeated patient inquiries about stem cells, Dr. […]

Reverse Aging

Dr. Jeffrey Gross and Susan Bratton discuss various approaches to slowing or reversing the aging process. Susan shares her current regimen, which includes pulsing dasatinib and sirolimus, taking a combined senolytic supplement monthly, practicing intermittent fasting with the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet to promote autophagy, and engaging in cold water swimming. She also mentions having […]

Skiing Recovery

This conversation highlights a successful three-pronged approach to treating torn ACLs and MCLs without surgery. The patient, Susan, combined intensive physical training, scar tissue removal therapy, and stem cell injections directly into her bones. Dr. Jeffrey Gross emphasizes the synergistic effect of these methods, which resulted in significant pain reduction, improved functionality, and measurable ligament […]

What Happens After

This conversation describes a regenerative therapy procedure where stem cells were injected into the patient’s clitoral structures. The doctor explains that this treatment has two main effects: First, it suppresses inflammation and damage in the area by converting cells that cause chronic inflammation. Second, it enhances rejuvenation and restoration of tissues, improving blood flow, nerve […]

Best Benefits

This conversation features Dr. Jeffrey Gross of ReCELLebrate and Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert, discussing regenerative procedures for the vulva. Susan shares her experience with seven PRP O-shots over seven years, noting initial subtle improvements in sensation and subsequent benefits including enhanced tissue growth, improved sensation, and reduced incontinence. She explains how these treatments, combined […]

How Long Until Notice Benefits

This conversation involves Susan Bratton, an Intimacy Expert, and Dr. Jeff Gross, her Regenerative Specialist, discussing a recent stem cell treatment Susan received at ReCelebrate in Henderson, Nevada. Susan had 10 million stem cells administered, with 9 million given intravenously and 1 million injected into her genital structures. She inquires about the expected timeframe for […]

Orgasmic Response

This conversation is between Susan Bratton, an “Intimacy Expert to Millions,” and Dr. Jeff Gross from ReCELLebrate in Henderson, Nevada. They’re discussing a stem cell treatment for genital systems that they’ve been working on together. They’re trying to come up with a catchy name for this procedure, which is different from the trademarked “O-shot” that […]