Penis Size

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Does Penis Size Matter

Hi, I’m Susan Bratton and I want to talk to you about whether penis size matters. Did you know that the vagina is densely packed with pressure sensitive mechanoreceptors in the skin that detect stretching sensations? As you go up the vaginal canal, there’s less sensation. So, women generally are more sensitive to the girth […]

Penis Enlargement Results Tracker App PumpSmart

I’m Susan Bratton and I want to let you know that I came up with the “Penis Pumping Results Tracker.” It’s a 13-week, every-other-day program where you put a penis pump on your penis to either reverse erectile dysfunction and get more firmness and hardness and/or for penis enlargement.  You want to pump every other […]

How Does A Penis Pump Work

Today, I’m going to talk about the many benefits of penis pumps, how penis pumps function, and the most effective methods of using penis pumps. Many guys don’t trust that penis pumps can improve their penile dimensions mostly because they’ve purchased a faulty product. I’ll tell you how a premium penis pump can benefit you […]