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The Hidden Risks Of The Quickie

The Hidden Risks Of The Quickie

Here in my video with relationship expert John Gray we talk about different kinds of lovemaking. There are three kinds of sex: The Quickie, Home Cooked and Gourmet. I personally think life should always be gourmet sex, but I know sometimes the quickie can serve a purpose. But WATCH OUT for the problems that come […]
How To Have Safe Sex

How To Have Safe Sex

Learn how to discuss safe sex with your partner. Beyond the safe sex talk: Communicating your emotional and physical boundaries. Click here. How To Have Safe Sex Decide to go exclusively with someone and then have intercourse. Because you can get STDs even with a condom. When two people first start dating, what’s the best […]
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Living In A Sexless Marriage

Partners feel like they’re being rejected and the balance is thrown off. Suddenly, you don’t want to be close or you’re exhausted because as a woman you’re taking on too much. Sexless marriages are pretty common, more than most of us even want to admit. So, when someone finds themselves stuck in one, is it […]
Sexual Presence

What Is Sexual Presence?

Click here to discover more techniques to pleasure your woman in bed: Demystifying what it means to be “present” during sex. A woman wants a man’s presence most of all. (Visited 129 times, 1 visits today)
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Non-Verbal Sex Signals

I like stealthy seduction techniques because many couples don’t necessarily want to say “I really wish you’d do this to me,” or they don’t even know what they want but they know it’s not what they’re getting. How can you give your lover a stealthy seduction technique that moves them towards what you might like […]