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Breast Implant Series-01

Why I Removed My Breast Implants

I’m Susan Bratton with The20, and I am joined by my friend Diane Kaiser who I met at an industry event. That’s when I realised that breast implant illness is a thing, and I wanted to bring it to the attention of women. Diane is here to explain to us why she got her implants […]
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Who Thinks You’re Past Your Sexual Prime?

Too old for sex? Think again! Who Thinks You’re Past Your Sexual Prime? Featuring Susan Bratton and Jonathan Bailor. Do you know someone who feels they are past their prime sexually? There is a richness to having a sex life worth fighting for. In today’s video, I’m with Jonathan Bailor, the founder of Wellness Engineering […]
sunlighten sauna

Susan Bratton – Sunlighten Sauna

Susan gives you a tour of where her new portable Sunlighten sauna will be set up. She is super-excited about it. “My new Sunlighten Spa is here! Here’s how it will look.” “I ordered the Impulse, which is the largest spa, so there will be more giant boxes and material. Let me take you into […]