What Is Sexual Energy – Future of Sex 1 of 10

What Is Sexual Energy? – Future of Sex 1 of 10

Grab your free book, How To Be Instantly Hotter and Sexier. Click here. What IS sexual energy? When people hear the words “sexual energy” they tend to think libido and eroticism. And while those are key elements of sexual energy, it’s far more all-encompassing than that. Simply put: sexual energy is your LIFE FORCE. It’s […]

Sexual Fantasies Ruining Sex Life

See The Top 10 Fantasy Sex Techniques: Note: When I say, “indulge each other’s fantasies,” I actually mean: Verbally indulge fantasies when making love. Don’t actually do the fantasies. Just use them as dirty talk when you’re both in an extra spicy mood. I recently received an email from a woman who felt confused about […]