Experiencing More Pleasure More Easily

Embark on a transformative journey with hosts Susan Bratton and Dave Asprey as they guide you through the realms of orgasmic cross-training. Discover potent techniques and strategies merging pleasure and mindfulness, unlocking new dimensions of satisfaction. Ignite passion and explore peak experiences in this riveting discussion. Links: Pumping Guide PumpsWork BuyFlowNow.com DEEP: The Ultimate Penis […]

Top 3 Pleasure Toys For Lovers – Extras at MoreDrew.com

Links to featured products in this video → Click Here Are you ready to make your intimate life more exciting and adventurous? I had an electrifying conversation with fitness expert Drew Manning, where we dove headfirst into a topic often brushed under the carpet—sexual health and pleasure.  Discover the role of sex toys in relationships […]

Orgasmic Cross Training Video

The best way to help your woman have intercourse from penetration is to get her engorged and then do what my friend Sheri Winston calls, “Orgasmic Cross Training.” Here is a video where I asked Sheri to describe how to do Orgasmic Cross Training.