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These videos are a treasure trove of conversations between Susan Bratton and Drew Manning covering a range of topics from intimacy to sexual health to male enhancement and regenerative health.

Their discussions are packed with practical advice and strategies to improve relationships and sexual health, including the intriguing “3 Things I Love About You” technique and exploring different methods for pleasure.

Susan and Drew also delve into various therapies and devices for enhancing sexual performance and overall well-being.

These are fascinating and eye-opening discussions that challenges societal norms and encourages curiosity and openness.

Discover how to transform your intimate experiences and potentially transform your life.

"3 Things I Love About You" Game

My conversation with Drew Manning may have the key to unlocking a deeper connection with your partner. We talk about the often-overlooked facets of relationships, including the crucial balance of physical and emotional intimacy.

Top 4 Relationship Needs

In the video, we explore how you can completely understand your partner’s needs and values and give you practical advice on using them to create a more loving, intimately sensual relationship.

Sexual Biohacking

Do you know how impactful sexual health can be to your overall well-being? Hi, I’m Susan, and I recently had a delightful talk with Drew Manning of Fit2Fat2Fit. And I believe it can change your perspective on sexual health.

Sexual Technique

Imagine a relationship where both you and your partner experience deeply satisfying sexual intimacy every time. That’s the heart of what Drew Manning and I discuss in our conversation on sexual intimacy in long-term relationships.

Top 3 Pleasure Toys For Lovers

Are you ready to make your intimate life more exciting and adventurous? I had an electrifying conversation with fitness expert Drew Manning, where we dove headfirst into a topic often brushed under the carpet—sexual health and pleasure.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Understanding your body could lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. That’s why I want you to check out my wonderful talk with Drew Manning of Fit2Fat2Fit. Discover all about women’s sexual health and vaginal rejuvenation.

Male Enhancement

Everything you would want to know about Male Enhancement and Regenerative Health—in one place. Check out this video where I’m with Drew Manning of Fit2Fat2Fit, as we talk about how to strengthen your muscular manhood and multiply the pleasure you get from sex.

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